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Welcome to the wild side

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It’s been a while. Even now I am shocked to see the calendar in August. Two months I have been incommunicado. I am sorry. But I am back! And with so much to tell too. The biggest news being that CCR will no longer be located in the central valley because Rafa and I have moved  out of the concrete jungle to the real jungle. Yep. We just went through two months of craziness moving what little we have to the wilds of the Nicoya peninsula. Sure there are idyllic beaches minutes away, sunsets over the pool, heady perfumed ylang ylang tress, wildlife that literally falls into your lap (much to my surprise, mind you), but what really turns my engine is the fact that the property is bursting with food. Granted the slide show I have posted is only a sampling of what is around here and not a day goes by where I don’t see something else ripening before my eyes. It really is heavenly and could not get my hands dirty fast enough. I have a whole list of other things I want to plant: guanabana, granadilla, and mangosteens. The list goes on.

I have so much to share and really, what do you do with all this?

Sure, I will still be bombing around the country, finding new places to explore, new places to eat, but the base of operation is decidedly west coast. Oddly enough, the place is surprisingly civilized (a REAL French bakery? Who would have thought?) so there will definitely be some pretty interesting blogs. Stay tuned!


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