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Getting yer Irish on

Green beer at Stan's!

Saint Patrick’s Day has always been a favorite of mine. More so than any of the “big” holidays. Not only is it a time for copious amount of beer and sweet reverie, but as fortune would have it, it is also the day a Latino leprechaun stole my heart. I had never been a big believer in luck or fate, but that day certainly marked a huge and wonderful turning point in my life. I still consider myself very lucky, even with all the crazy challenges here. So crank up some Flogging Molly or Pouges and get yourself ready for a wee bit o’ fun.

Stan’s Irish Pub

Last year, Rafa and I inadvertently stumbled into Stan’s with the thought of a quick beer and an early night. Oh, how wrong we were. It was a banner night and it led to many wonderful discoveries, which I posted last year here. I like Stan’s and I like Stan. He is a great guy and he runs a good business. Besides, this is my hood now and even though I have mellowed these past years, I like having a neighborhood bar.  If you find yourself on the Eastside of the valley, Stan’s is the place. I know there are other places around that may be hipper or newer, but no one will have a world-class bagpipper gracing their establishment making me weep and want to go into battle at the same time.

Time Out Tavern

I have recently given them snaps here. But what I had failed to include (because I finally diverted from my hamburgers and wings) was their awesome reuben sandwich. I don’t know what it is about March and my sudden craving for fermented cabbage, but it happens every year. Sauerkraut is an acquired taste and it is certainly not on the in Tico diet, but I love it, and strangely enough, so does Rafa.  Not only that, this sandwich is huge! Big ol’ pile of corn beef and kraut! It may not have been on the dark rye bread I am use to, but it was still damn good!

Granted, there are other places around Costa Rica but these are my suggestions. Besides, I’m not going to endorse a place I have not been to. I will get to them and vet them carefully. I do have standards, you know!  Rest assured, both offer good food and have Costa Rica Craft Beer on tap too (a MUST). The best part is that CRCB has brewed a batch of stout specially for St. Patrick’s Day. Guinness is certainly a go-to but do yourself a favor and down a pint of CRCB stout. It’s divine. I have been lucky to see and visit parts of this country that maybe are not necessarily on the radar of the typical tourist/expat. At least in my research, there has been nothing that touched on what I wanted to know. Maybe this little blog, with its tidbits about Costa Rica, will help you get lucky too. I can only hope.   

May your days be many and your troubles be few. May all God’s blessings descend upon you. May peace be within you may your heart be strong. May you find what you’re seeking wherever you roam.


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5 thoughts on “Getting yer Irish on

  1. I need to find Stan’s! They’re is a Detroit Red Wings game on tomorrow (the only sports team that holds my heart) that should be playing at Time Out Tavern… maybe we’ll cross paths! I’ll most likely be the only female screaming at the one TV with hockey. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Time Out will definately have the game on. And one of the best aspects of that place is seeing who is invested in the games on TV. That is a sport in and of itself! Stan’s is really easy to find (by Costa Rican standards). It’s right off the loop, just past the Zapote circle, the first exit after Cemaco and it’s right there at the top of the exit. It would be cool to finally catch up!

  3. Elberth Bolcas by Stan´s Irish Pub on said:

    Thanks for putting a great word about Stan´s Irish Pub. We are preparing and working very hard to provide the best St. Patricks day for this 2012. Ron Wallace will play the bag pipes today at 0900 hrs and he will come tomorow on or about 1100 PM on St. Patricks day. Also we have a costa rican group playing celtic (Seissium) music tonite and tomorrow Jimmy G and Greasy D will be playing classic rock songs. Like always we will be serving corned beef, irish potato skins, green beer, a local Oatmeal Stout (draft) from CRCBO, lots of guinness, new t-shirts, green hats, colllars, and much more. Every year to try make St Patricks day better and I hope that this would be the case. My best regards, Stan

  4. If you want to get your Irish on tomorrow, you should look at Ireland playing England in rugby. They are our oldest enemy and closest neighbour. Great to see the influence of our little island spreading across the globe, even if it is only for one day a year. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Dublin, Ireland.

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