Cooking and eating through a new culture

Never a dull moment

“What’s with the pied piper?” I chirp at Rafa. I can hear the pitch and roll of a pan flute coming from the street.

“That’s the knife sharpener.” He’s so matter-of-fact about the statement, I wonder how I could not possibly make the connection. What he doesn’t seem to connect is the fact that I have been pestering him for weeks to get MY knives honed. My granite cutting board is excellent for keeping things clean but really dulls my Henkels.

I stared dead at him. “Oh yeah” he giggles and calls after the guy.

At first I though I would be giving him my knives only to have them returned some time later. Silly me. This man is the whole operation rolled into one on wheels! It was pretty cool. With a grinding wheel and homemade kick stand, he was able to peddle and sharpen. As soon as he stopped for us, neighbors popped out with their dull instruments too. Plus, it gave them a chance to poke fun at my wobbly Spanish. In a matter of minutes, my knives were good as new and all for a couple of bucks, including tip.

Granted, there are a lot of street entrepreneurs around here selling everything from food, to furniture, to orchids, to services rendered. It’s quite a racket and, for the most part, I don’t partake. But I am all for my little sharp wheels guy!

I don’t know how far he travels but if you hear the tinkling of a pan flute in your neighborhood, run and get your knives. You won’t be disappointed.


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