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I am gonna let you in on a little food snob secret: there is a sweet woman at the Zapote market on Sunday that makes the most divine sausages in Costa Rica. I will put my hand on a Bible and swear to this fact (or whatever book you choose). I was passed along this information from a vegetarian friend of mine, of all people, and I mark it as one of the best things I have learned food-wise here.

Sausage has been an intrinsic part of my diet my whole life. I was incredibly fortunate to grow up in an area steeped in old world traditions, where you could buy the most fantastic ethnic foods imaginable: delectable handmade perogies, kitchen cured sauerkraut, aromatic italian sausage, and lovely lamb gyros all made with the utmost of care. Sausages were bought from the butcher directly, wrapped in paper. People had there favorites and it’s not uncommon to hear heated discussions over whose meat was better. The yearly festivals that surround these culinary traditions produce the finest feasts found this side of the Atlantic…Dyngus Day is seriously one of the biggest party events of the year! How could you NOT have fun when pussy willow whips, water and copious amounts of beer are involved? In my limited travels, I have yet to find any thing comparable. My love for exploring the endless boundaries of cuisine can be exciting, but I will always have a hankering for the tastes of home.

As someone who as always been sensitive to certain preservatives in food, I take great care in knowing what I consume, that is unless you want me to reenact scenes from the Exorcist (it gets that bad). These fine sausages are fresh AND preservative free! The hardest decision is choosing what one to try first, since there are several varieties to choose from.

Along with these lovely meats, there is a great selction of baked breads and goodies. We bought some cooked sausages in homemade rolls and a baguette to have with some avacado. I have to say, this was one of the best baguettes I have ever had!

The prices are very reasonable considering the care and skill that goes into these products. You better just save some for me!

Haedel’s Especialidades Alemanas

Feria Pavas Sabados 6am-12

Fera Zapote Domingos 6am -12

Atenas “Balcon del Cafe” Lunes a Sabado 8-1800


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