Cooking and eating through a new culture

Love Your Mother

Yesterday was Día de la Madre, Feast of the Assumption, aka Mother’s Day here and in honor of the Big Mother, here’s a little creature feature.

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Now, this is what I only could capture with my limited camera skills. I have seen so much more. I am consuming Costa Rica! I cannot get enough of the beauty that is here.

My last paying gig was a job many considered to the best in the world. Well, it was not. Not the job itself, but the people who ran the agency. It no longer became a passion, but a punishment inflected by the most heinous individuals imaginable. The mission I signed up for warped into a huge back-biting, ego trip. Not cool. But I did meet some amazing people, learn incredible things and get up close and personal with animals most only dream of. Funny thing was, I thought I was lucky then. Boy, was I wrong. In the short time here, skipping around this amazing country as much as I can, I have done more for the benefit of species survival than my whole 15 year career as a conservation solider. There is always more to be done and I am eager to move forward.

So to everyone out there,  be a conscious consumer and LOVE YOUR MOTHER!



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