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La Esquina de Buenos Aires

I love meat. I have always been a hardcore carnivore. My youth was spent working on a small farms and lovingly taking care of animals destined for the plate, so I am a conscientious carnivore. Back stateside, I bought my meat (1/2 pig, 1/4 cow) from a local, conscientious farmer too. Eventually, I hope to do the same thing here but in the meantime dinners have been rather meat free. Rafa shares my views, in fact he will tell you one of the main reasons he fell in love with me was because I had a freezer full of humane, hormone free meat. And there were other things too.

When the opportunity came up to celebrate, we looked to La Esquina de Buenos Aires for some good Argentinian beef. A while back, we breezed into the place for a glass of wine and to check things out. The place is not large but it does offer an ample bar to view the place. Both of us were charmed by the warmth and decor. There may not be a dress code, but the atmosphere oozes old school glamor. Even though I was dressed okay, I immediately wanted my hair in a loose French twist with a huge tropical flower and seductive red lips. So when reservations were made, I made sure to pull out all the stops. I didn’t pack an obscence amount of clothes and shoes for nothing!

We were seated in a cozy table nestled by a window offering a lovely warm night breeze. The whole place tinkled with conversation and smooth Latin 4o’s jazz. Each table had a small sprig of fresh flowers. Service was lovely and highly skilled. In a rare moment of awkwardness, Rafa knocked over his wine and the table was deftly cleared and composed.  The menu was even seductive. Each and every item description would elicit a mouth-watering moan from either Rafa or I. It took us forever to decide but I finally narrowed it down to the Lomito Porcini (just can’t get enough mushrooms) and Rafa got the Solomillo Agridulce (Pork tenderloin in a balsamic vinegar sauce with green apples, prunes and steamed potatoes). For an appetizer, mejillones a la provenzal, garlic mussels in olive oil and herbs, that were so light and sweet, they melted in your mouth like candy. I might also add that they make their bread on premises. It is so fresh and warm it’s like have a cloud on your tongue and perfect for sopping up all the wonderful left over sauce from the mussels.

Our entrées were divine. The meat was fork tender with a desirous savor. The sauce was a compliment to the meat without being overpowering or a mask of the natural flavor. I have heard people rave about Argentinian beef (Argentinian Beef even has a Facebook page) and I must say, I was not disappointed in the least. Rafa’s pork was just as succulent as my beef. My one issue, oddly enough, was with the potatoes which I found to be bland and over cooked. Fine for a simple second-rate restaurant, but not up to fine dinning expectations. Lastly, what really broke my heart, was that I could not find room for dessert. Even Rafa, who I swear has the metabolism of a hummingbird, could not fit in a sweet. I wanted nothing more than to smoke thin cigaretts, sip Fernet Branca, and nibble on Panqueque de Dulce de Leche while laughing at the tantalizing overtures of my Argentinian polo player.

Unfortunately, I overindulged on food and wine and was feeling more sated than sexy, smoking makes me gag…and I still have yet to get Rafa on a horse.


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